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Iquitos, Peru



De: Bryce Draper <> Date: mar., 9 de junio de 2020 11:02 p. m. Subject: Guido To: <> February 2017 I met Guido and drank ayahuasca one night with him.. Later that year I flew back to peru and paid him to do an eight day diet. For $1000. He brought me to La Luna, and had me staying in a bungalow there. Then I had to leave because, he wasn’t paying them for me being there. He took me to a house, in Santa Maria, where I stayed for the time. He also had to move me from that house and into his own for the last two nights, because the Owner of the house was coming back soon. I Somehow, during our time together I decided to buy land and build a center with him. He told me his local price would be cheaper to buy the land, and he found some property for US$5500. From a “special owner who would only sell to him” He said if I paid for it, it would be over US$30,000. I sent him money by Western Union, and he bought the land. In his name, he said when I came back to Iquitos, we would put it in both our names on the title. That never happened and the land is still in his name. I proceeded to send him about $9000, To begin construction on the place. Then he came up with an idea to have People send him money by Western Union, so he could build their bungalows. prepay and send her money by Western Union, so he could build their bungalows. In November 2018, 11 people paid $900 for an eight day diet, the money was sent by Western Union to Guido. The plan was that he would use the money, to build the houses. However, When the people showed up, the bungalows were not ready, and Guido had spent all the money supposedly on the few structures completed. Everybody wanted their money back. Two people did the diet, and left after two days, because Guido was never around to actually facilitate them.. And they didn’t like how chaotic he was managing their diet. He would tell them, that he would bring them a certain medicine, then he would never show up, and forget. Things like that all the time. Meanwhile, there was construction going on to build the other bungalows. It hadn’t been finished. It was really bullshit for the people dieting I had 20 people paid to do atahuaca with guido for two nights. Guido was late, and would sleep during the ceremonies. The people were really frustrated, and wanted their money back. January 2019, I had five people pay Guido $900, for diets. They also left after a few days, because they felt Guido was a fraud. Guido instructed everyone to be quiet about where the property was because he was building the place without a permit After the remainder of the people left, I stayed with one friend and finished our diet. We had it and I watch the ceremony at the end, and Guido opened it, and then After the remainder of the people left, I stayed with one friend and finished our diet. We had an ayahuasca ceremony, and Guido opened it, and then went to sleep right after. While we were tripping out I didn’t like how Guido managed the group. And it left me responsible for paying everybody their money. As well as messing up my groups there by not having a chef. Then one would come then not the next day. I had paid Guido to hire someone and he fucked me. I ended up cooking. Later I found out that the land is actually owned by Lucio, his brother. Who owns Salvin Madre. And it’s just some permit to use the land or occupy it. Gitte told me he bought it from some buddy else. Basically, Guido ripped everybody off, and then built the center with everybody’s money. Soon as I left Peru, he started to move over the Luna. He’s a criminal and a dick. I started to see all his lies. Etc.

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