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For me, Ayahuasca comes to you when you're ready. For many years I’ve known about the medicine but I haven’t known if it was the right time nor the right medicine for me. I mean I’m adventurous sometimes but going out to find it in the jungle always seemed like a far fetched task. I’ve suffered from depression and have been constantly lost from my so-called path in life pretty much most of my adult life so far. Like a yo-yo either really up or really down I’ve always struggled to find that middle content space. I’ve tried some other means of finding happiness I experimented with psychedelics before mushrooms and sometimes LSD and had some positive results but not so long-lasting. They felt like little boosts or top-ups. Maybe it was the setting, doing them in my home town at my parents' house in my comfort zone that wasn’t getting me very far. I started doing my research on DMT and naturally came across Ayahuasca, something very foreign and distant from my experience at the time. Time went on and I was very intrigued but as there are just so many places offering the medicine I didn’t know where to start, I’ve never been to Peru or South America, my Spanish was and is basic. The only jungle I’ve experienced has been on the TV on documentaries. Funnily enough, that’s what made me come. I was watching a show on the Discovery channel called Expedition Unknown, it was an episode about the afterlife and Ayahuasca featured in the episode, I couldn’t believe it, my heart started beating fast and I had a gut feeling, I felt that was the sign, something familiar to me basically recommending me a place! About two months later I arrived at La Luna. Far enough from the busy moto taxi’s to feel at peace in the jungle. I came for a week retreat and my first impressions were of a friendly nature. Greg and Enrique welcomed me and showed us around before we had an integration meeting with the rest of the guests where we all spoke about our intentions and really opened up to the reasons we were there. I felt this was good to get to know the people I was going to be vomiting next to over this roller coaster week. The excitement and fear were building up before my first ceremony and having a 1 on 1 with Don Guido and Leonardo really made it all feel real, I’m here! I’m going to do it! I was happy that the first ceremony was calm and it helped to ease me into the weeks healing process. The time around the ceremonies was spent ready and mostly chilling in the hammocks, which was important to focus on myself and my different intentions. As the week went on I’m not going to lie and say it was all fun and games these were some of the toughest experiences I’ve probably faced. I can safely say that difficult is not negative, at the time some of the things ayahuasca brought up about my past and about my own character, certain relationships, my upbringing all these themes were difficult to face, to say the least. But it was necessary to re live them in order to move on. As the week went on I really was feeling a transformation taking place and these old attitudes I felt I was stuck in began to open up and make way for new trails of thoughts I had never experienced before. I’m so very thankful for the wisdom of the Shamans and everything they did for me it was a life-changing week for me and I feel like I”m still processing the experience but I’ve embarked on a new way of thinking and this is making way for a new way of living! THANK YOU to everyone at La Luna for your help and support, the facilitators and translators made it so I felt comfortable sat with the shamans and didn’t feel like I missed out on any of the knowledge in the integrations sessions after the ceremonies. Thank you to the other passengers who were there accompanying me and being there for each other, I know I wasn’t the only one transforming! And thank you to the ancient medicine that we can still access in this modern age we live in I hope more people can experience and use psychedelics for healing.

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Visited Friday, December 21st 2018

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