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Beautiful experience

Iquitos, Peru



After an hour by boat on the Amazon and a twenty minute walk through the jungle. I discovered the center "La Luna de Amazonas". A magical place built away from civilization. It was here that I had planned to spend my two retreat prayers. Quickly, I fell in love with the peace and beauty that reigns in this place. Between monkeys, birds, frogs and insects. The jungle offered me every night a wonderful concert. I dreaded the diet a little because of past experience. I met here an exceptional chef who with his expertise made me discover a multitude of possibilities of dishes and delicious flavors. Thank you José! Under the benevolent attention of the two shamans and their apprentices. I participated in the maximum of four ceremonies per week that La Luna offers. It is inside the splendid temple of the center that I spent many night in connection with Ayahuasca. At the rhythm of the powerful icaros I traveled in me and in the universe. There are no words strong enough to describe the benefits and wisdom of medicine. Go ahead and experiment for yourself! I finally stayed a month in this little paradise. I feel like I have learned as much as I did for many lives. It is with the heart that I recommend La Luna del Amazonas. For anyone who wants to do a long caring process or just come a few days to discover Ayahuasca. My sincere gratitude to the whole La Luna team! Thank you for your presence and support during this adventure. Hasta Luego! With love William

Number of Participants in ceremony: 6


Really good location, far from the city. Quiet and peaceful


All the necessary comfort


Disponible and friendly




All is perfect


Everything is in the right place



Booking process

easy to have contact with the center

Follow up integration


Visited Wednesday, April 18th 2018

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