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Powerful. Indescribable. Expansive. Strange. Beautiful. Incomparable. Transformative. Profound. Blissful. Peaceful. Difficult. Limitless. Heart opening. Life changing.

Iquitos, Peru



I chose La Luna Del Amazonas because there are a few reviews but not a ton of them. I wanted to go where it seemed a little less commercial and the experience less curated. La Luna is definitely both of those things, there's a very relaxed, open-ended atmosphere that leaves plenty of room of integrating the medicine on your own. You will not find the extensive guided/facilitated integration sessions, it was more like mellow conversations, if you choose, in the hammocks or over herbal tea. I am a non-spanish speaking woman and had some concerns about traveling alone to the middle of the jungle to take hallucinogens (for the first time). As soon as I met Enrique at the airport, those concerns disappeared. I never felt uncomfortable or concerned. I have since recommended La Luna to other women who are ready for a life-evolving experience. The part that requires bravery is not traveling alone to the jungle--it's the rest of it. I am grateful for my experience. La Luna and the people I met there will always hold a special place. Powerful. Indescribable. Expansive. Strange. Beautiful. Incomparable. Transformative. Profound. Blissful. Peaceful. Difficult. Limitless. Heart opening. Life changing. That is what I found at La Luna Del Amazonas during my ayahuasca journey. I came by myself (I am an American female in my 30s) and I felt completely safe. I participated in six ayahuasca ceremonies over the course of ten days. The sixth ceremony I did not drink, but still received a blessing from the shaman. Accommodations were quaint, sufficient, and private. There is a shared bathroom a short distance from the individual bungalows. Food was plentiful. Lots of juicy, flavourful fruits. The atmosphere is warm, family-like, casual, and welcoming. It felt authentic and unpretentious. After a few days, you start to feel like you are part of the family. The shamans are humble and kind. And there is no pressure to participate in a ceremony if you are not feeling up to it. During the day, there were opportunities for fun excursions, like visiting Monkey Island, swimming in the Amazon river with dolphins nearby, and relaxing at a secluded beach. One day we went on a jungle walk with one of the shamans and an English-speaking guide to learn about medicinal plants. There was also an opportunity to see how the ayahuasca is brewed and to learn more about the process. For me, La Luna was the perfect place for deep introspection and self reflection. Especially with the sights and sounds of the jungle as a constant, magical backdrop. I am filled with gratitude for this experience, and I am so grateful to everyone at La Luna for providing this sanctuary to other spiritual seekers. The work they do here is incredible. La Luna del Amazonas will always have a special place in my heart. Excerpts from my journal: “It does feel as if the medicine is healing me and changing me. Healing me from what I don’t know. And changing me in ways I have yet to understand.” “I feel like I have more purpose now, a clearer vision of what I want my life to look like. What’s important and what’s not. Colors are richer. Sounds are richer. I feel like I shed a lot of unnecessary anxiety and fear. It has been such a gift to be here.”

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Facilitators in ceremony: 1

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