meeting the mother

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4.6 - Based on 10 reviewsIquitos, Peru

meeting the mother
 3 years ago
An overarching sense of peace envelops the narrative of my life and the universe. I believe that this peace has always existed, and my experience at La Luna helped me accept this and integrate it into my relationships, actions, beliefs, and mind. I have a strong belief without any doubt that I ended up at La Luna for a reason. You may or may not find this yourself, but I believe that if you're reading this, there's a role you're playing in this narrative of our universe. To make the decision to meet the mother at La Luna is up to you. I hope you find not what you are looking for, but what you need to see.

Number of people in ceremony: 7


In the jungle off the Amazon surrounded by the calls of the wild.


Enrique and staff were excellent hosts and made this experience so enjoyable and welcoming.


Enrique and the shamans we worked with were insightful, open, understanding, and cared so much about our experiences. The atmosphere created by the people present at La Luna are what make this place so magical :)





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Visited Tuesday, December 5th 2017