Review for La Luna Del Amazonas

I can highly recommend La Luna to anyone who looks for an authentic place where they respect the traditions!!

Iquitos, Peru



I had maybe the most life changing experience in my life at La Luna. I was worried about travelling so far (from Europe) alone, especially solo female during Covid, but the travel went smoothly, both entering the country and leaving. (You need a negative covid test to enter Peru, August 2021). Feeling safe was the most important factor for me, but my fears faded away quickly after talking to Enrique (the translator) and the shamans once arriving to the center. The center is surrounded by immense nature, and we got visited by wild monkeys daily, and a tour on the Amazon river we got to swim at the spot with pink dolphins. I also learned a lot about shamanism and the healing plants in the jungle. And as a bonus I received a few immune system boosters (all from the jungle) to bring home. 🙂 This was my first time with mother ayahuasca and I felt very safe and taken care of during my stay both in ceremonies and after. The songs during ceremony are so beautiful, healing, and the flower-baths cleansing... The medicine was very strong, so I'm very happy we started out with what they call an introductory dose 🙂 🙂 I can highly recommend La Luna to anyone who looks for an authentic place where they respect the traditions.

Participants in ceremony: 7

Facilitators in ceremony: 2

Participants per Facilitator: 3.5



Basic, but safe and in pure nature


Amazing facilitators that made me feel safe during the whole retreat





They had safety protocols, and the lead facilitator was trained EMR


Got information on how to prepare long before thru email

Booking process

Thru email, but that made me connect even before getting there.

Follow up integration

Great integration circles, and online community

Visited Sunday, August 15th 2021

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