La Luna Del Amazonas

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La Luna is a healing center 1 hour outside of Iquitos, Peru. We work to preserve ancient healing techniques of the Amazon. Visit our site for more info.
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I had an amazing stay at La Luna in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. All of the staff are really understanding and super kind, and together with all the guests looking for healing they create an amazing atmosphere of loving acceptance. I've never before experienced anything like it, and it has helped me be aware of and spread the love that I am. My view of life was altered significantly for the better during my stay, and I'm forever grateful for everything. Peace and love!
meeting the mother- visited 2 years ago
An overarching sense of peace envelops the narrative of my life and the universe. I believe that this peace has always existed, and my experience at La Luna helped me accept this and integrate it into my relationships, actions, beliefs, and mind. I have a strong belief without any doubt that I ended up at La Luna for a reason. You may or may not find this yourself, but I believe that if you're reading this, there's a role you're playing in this narrative of our universe. To make the decision to meet the mother at La Luna is up to you. I hope you find not what you are looking for, but what you need to see.
Beautiful experience- visited a year ago
After an hour by boat on the Amazon and a twenty minute walk through the jungle. I discovered the center "La Luna de Amazonas". A magical place built away from civilization. It was here that I had planned to spend my two retreat prayers. Quickly, I fell in love with the peace and beauty that reigns in this place. Between monkeys, birds, frogs and insects. The jungle offered me every night a wonderful concert. I dreaded the diet a little because of past experience. I met here an exceptional chef who with his expertise made me discover a multitude of possibilities of dishes and delicious flavors. Thank you José! Under the benevolent attention of the two shamans and their apprentices. I participated in the maximum of four ceremonies per week that La Luna offers. It is inside the splendid temple of the center that I spent many night in connection with Ayahuasca. At the rhythm of the powerful icaros I traveled in me and in the universe. There are no words strong enough to describe the benefits and wisdom of medicine. Go ahead and experiment for yourself! I finally stayed a month in this little paradise. I feel like I have learned as much as I did for many lives. It is with the heart that I recommend La Luna del Amazonas. For anyone who wants to do a long caring process or just come a few days to discover Ayahuasca. My sincere gratitude to the whole La Luna team! Thank you for your presence and support during this adventure. Hasta Luego! With love William
Best place to be!- visited a year ago
La Luna del Amazonas. This means family atmosphere, wonderful surroundings and a big spiritual experience! When I came here I instantly felt the love and happiness which is floating through the whole area. The centre is placed in the jungle, there is just nature which gives the centre its full and beautiful spirit. So you can hear and see monkeys, birds and insects all the time. The owners Enrico and Karina are wonderful people and you feel really welfare in their company. The food is just amazing and also the private accommodations are fantastic so you can feel connected to nature all the time. In the ceremonies I always felt very safe and the temple is a perfect place to recover and heal yourself. The shamans are doing great, professional and magical work. I wish I could stay longer, it is really a place to stay forever! Well, I defenetly will come back, not just once. Thank you guys so much! Love and Light, Lena
A life changing experience!- visited 2 years ago
Powerful. Indescribable. Expansive. Strange. Beautiful. Incomparable. Transformative. Profound. Blissful. Peaceful. Difficult. Limitless. Heart opening. Life changing. That is what I found at La Luna Del Amazonas during my ayahuasca journey. I came by myself (I am an American female in my 30s) and I felt completely safe. I participated in six ayahuasca ceremonies over the course of ten days. The sixth ceremony I did not drink, but still received a blessing from the shaman. I went in October 2017 and will be returning for two weeks in May 2018. Accommodations were simple, sufficient, and private. There is a shared bathroom a short distance from the individual bungalows. Food was plentiful. Lots of juicy, flavorful fruits. The atmosphere is warm, family-like, casual, and welcoming. It felt authentic and unpretentious. After a few days, you start to feel like you are part of the family. The shamans are humble and kind. And there is no pressure to participate in a ceremony if you are not feeling up to it. During the day, there were opportunities for fun excursions, like visiting Monkey Island, swimming in the Amazon river with dolphins nearby, and relaxing at a secluded beach. One day we went on a jungle walk with one of the shamans and an English-speaking guide to learn about medicinal plants. There was also an opportunity to see how the ayahuasca is brewed and to learn more about the process. For me, La Luna was the perfect place for deep introspection and self reflection. Especially with the sights and sounds of the jungle as a constant, magical backdrop. I am filled with gratitude for this experience, and I am so grateful to everyone at La Luna for providing this sanctuary to other spiritual seekers. The work they do here is incredible. La Luna will always have a special place in my heart. Excerpts from my journal - “It does feel as if the medicine is healing me and changing me. Healing me from what I don’t know. And changing me in ways I have yet to understand.” “I feel like I have more purpose now, a clearer vision of what I want my life to look like. What’s important and what’s not. Colors are richer. Sounds are richer. I feel like I shed a lot of unnecessary anxiety and fear. It has been such a gift to be here.”
I have a drawn up a blogged (fetlife & Quora) trip report for those who seek it. PM... I suggest highly recommend and most importantly trust the great people of La Luna. Will return yearly/biannually from now on... I hold a doctorate several Masters and am experienced with a wide variety of entheogens psychedelics and psychoactives. I shared a boat back to reality with 3 other group members where we candidly spoke about the experience. Any negativity (there was little) or bitching was so incredibly stupid and first world it's not worthy of mention. First rate camp first rate juice first rate people first rate Ayahuasqueros Firstrate firstrate firstrate... Feel free to PM with questions. I am not affiliated with the camp nor am I an Aya Hippy Good day
There's life on the Moon!!- visited 7 months ago
For me, Ayahuasca comes to you when you're ready. For many years I’ve known about the medicine but I haven’t known if it was the right time nor the right medicine for me. I mean I’m adventurous sometimes but going out to find it in the jungle always seemed like a far fetched task. I’ve suffered from depression and have been constantly lost from my so-called path in life pretty much most of my adult life so far. Like a yo-yo either really up or really down I’ve always struggled to find that middle content space. I’ve tried some other means of finding happiness I experimented with psychedelics before mushrooms and sometimes LSD and had some positive results but not so long-lasting. They felt like little boosts or top-ups. Maybe it was the setting, doing them in my home town at my parents' house in my comfort zone that wasn’t getting me very far. I started doing my research on DMT and naturally came across Ayahuasca, something very foreign and distant from my experience at the time. Time went on and I was very intrigued but as there are just so many places offering the medicine I didn’t know where to start, I’ve never been to Peru or South America, my Spanish was and is basic. The only jungle I’ve experienced has been on the TV on documentaries. Funnily enough, that’s what made me come. I was watching a show on the Discovery channel called Expedition Unknown, it was an episode about the afterlife and Ayahuasca featured in the episode, I couldn’t believe it, my heart started beating fast and I had a gut feeling, I felt that was the sign, something familiar to me basically recommending me a place! About two months later I arrived at La Luna. Far enough from the busy moto taxi’s to feel at peace in the jungle. I came for a week retreat and my first impressions were of a friendly nature. Greg and Enrique welcomed me and showed us around before we had an integration meeting with the rest of the guests where we all spoke about our intentions and really opened up to the reasons we were there. I felt this was good to get to know the people I was going to be vomiting next to over this roller coaster week. The excitement and fear were building up before my first ceremony and having a 1 on 1 with Don Guido and Leonardo really made it all feel real, I’m here! I’m going to do it! I was happy that the first ceremony was calm and it helped to ease me into the weeks healing process. The time around the ceremonies was spent ready and mostly chilling in the hammocks, which was important to focus on myself and my different intentions. As the week went on I’m not going to lie and say it was all fun and games these were some of the toughest experiences I’ve probably faced. I can safely say that difficult is not negative, at the time some of the things ayahuasca brought up about my past and about my own character, certain relationships, my upbringing all these themes were difficult to face, to say the least. But it was necessary to re live them in order to move on. As the week went on I really was feeling a transformation taking place and these old attitudes I felt I was stuck in began to open up and make way for new trails of thoughts I had never experienced before. I’m so very thankful for the wisdom of the Shamans and everything they did for me it was a life-changing week for me and I feel like I”m still processing the experience but I’ve embarked on a new way of thinking and this is making way for a new way of living! THANK YOU to everyone at La Luna for your help and support, the facilitators and translators made it so I felt comfortable sat with the shamans and didn’t feel like I missed out on any of the knowledge in the integrations sessions after the ceremonies. Thank you to the other passengers who were there accompanying me and being there for each other, I know I wasn’t the only one transforming! And thank you to the ancient medicine that we can still access in this modern age we live in I hope more people can experience and use psychedelics for healing.
Words cannot describe the full extent of my experience at La Luna del Amazonas but I will try nonetheless as others need to know what happens at this wonderful center. A serene one-hour boat ride from Iquitos, the largest town in the Peruvian Amazon, brought us to the nearest coast from our destination. After a quick tour and a delicious lunch, we were taken to the Maloka - a beautiful temple that would house our ayahuasca ceremonies - the very heart and soul of our time at La Luna. It is a beautiful space with the amazon jungle creating an intense canopy and offering an accessible bridge between us and the inhabitants of the rainforest. Here we were oriented about our time at La Luna and were offered valuable advice about maximizing our mental energies in order to best prepare our minds for the medicine. After a brief sharing circle where we got to better understand the background of our fellow residents, we were taken to our private bungalows and allowed to rest before the welcome ceremony that evening. The bungalows are brilliantly positioned along the center, allowing each member to have their personal space but remain in reach with the rest of the troops in case of any emergencies. We took our time to take in our first stint at the amazon before making our way to meet our shamans for the first time that evening. One can mentally prepare for meeting a real shaman all they want, but the real experience seldom compares to our wildest imagation. Seeing Don Guido and Leonardo and interacting with them privately before the first ceremony was one of the most powerful interactions in my life and it is safe to say that they possessed all the knowledge that is expected from a shamanic lineage dating millenias at this point. After exchanging my intent and receiving some wise words in return, we were set to encounter mother Aya for the first time. The brew prepared at La Luna is highly authentic as it is made from Chakruna that has been grown at the center itself. The love and effort taken by the facilitators clearly transfers into the medicine as we could instantly tell that we were partaking in something other worldly. We had 8 ceremonies in total and the Ayahuascaros (shamans who exclusively deal with ayahuasca as the master plant) believe that one must work their way up into powerful experiences by gradually incrementing the doses. This allows the body to warm up to the medicine while the mind gently evolves into a higher state during the process. The wisdom of this method was not lost on me and my fellow residents as we gradually began to understand the reasoning behind this method through our personal experiences. As the ceremonies went by and we allowed our minds to quieten and our souls to open up to the vine, we began to encounter exponentially rising ceremonies, both in terms of intensity and sheer physicality. My experience at La Luna peaked during the 6th ceremony where I received the kind of visions one can only dream about, the kind that possessed the power to transform my mind and spirit and allow me to propel myself into the best possible future version of myself. Mother Aya was kind, tough but fair, compassionate, and all-knowing, and the shamans beautifully helped us integrate our visions in order to help us best navigate our path forward in our individual journeys. They were patient and keen in sharing our experiences with us after every ceremony and helped us interpret visions and memories that were sometimes hard to decipher. The center also has additional activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi sessions in order to focus the full intent of our mind and body before ceremonies. La Luna is undoubtedly that rare space that managed to find the perfect balance between having an authentic shaman, a potent brew, educated and loving facilators, and a space nestled in the bosom of mother nature herself. I walked away after two weeks with the highest level of gratitude for the center and the work being done at this unforgettable location. I have made friends for life (including the facilitators Guillermo and Korina) here and the moments we shared were the rarest and most overwhelming ones, something to cherish and learn from for the rest of my life. Thank you Enrique for making the effort to establish a beautiful center and allowing Don Guido and Leonardo to do what they do best - heal our souls and guide our spirits. I know I will return here in a year or two with my closest of friends and family as I genuinely believe that everyone needs to participate in this most ancient of ceremonies at least once in their life. If you are reading this review and are considering making the journey to La Luna, my advise to you is to take that leap of faith. You will be rewarded, just as I was, with an experience that you can be proud of, one that will enrich every atom of your being and firmly connect you to mother nature for the rest of your lives
A truly amazing place, and the best week of my life. Clean, safe medicine, experienced shamans who want the best for you, a fantastic environment away from everything else, and the friendliest staff you could imagine, right down to Jose the cook. It has been 15 months since my time here, and I still believe ayahuasca was the best thing to happen to me. My life is more fulfilling, meaningful and full of wonder. I can't recommend La Luna enough, and I look forward to returning in a few years. Just book it and go.