Review for Journeys of Transformation

Excellent center for healing, connection and renewal

10820 Woodland Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA



I've participated in ceremonies here starting in November 2016, so I am fairly new to the space. With that said, I must share it has been incredibly helpful for me. Alanna creates a very healing, open, relaxing and giving environment, where she shares her heart centered practice beautifully and without hesitation. She has set aside relaxing areas of her home for ceremonial usage. The kambo ceremonies take place around an oval shaped table with crystals, angelic candles and a portrait of her guru. She does not force anything on anyone - it is a very open environment. She works one on one with participants, giving them appropriate guidance from one who walks her path. It is a place to share and open deeply and receive support from all participants. It is also a fun environment after the "sacred silence" of a ceremony is over - we are encouraged to bring potlucks and have some social time together before leaving. Alanna has a background as a psychiatric nurse, which is really important, given that some of us - myself, for instance - turn to a plant medicine having a history of using pharmaceuticals. Ultimately, she encourages us that "there is no one person or medicine that can heal you...It is up to eachof us to find the right tools that support us on our journey to heal ourselves." In my experiences here, I've found that to be true! Look forward to more sharing here :D

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