4515 IJzendijke, Netherlands

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Wij zijn Mike en Sander van Iboga Farm. Bij Iboga-Farm geven we ceremonies voor een ieder die het inzicht in zichzelf wil vergroten, belemmerende overtuigingen los wil laten, hinderlijke gewoontes zoals verslavingen wil beëindigen en veiligheid en zekerheid vanuit zichzelf willen terugvinden.
Dit doen we onder andere met behulp van: Iboga Bufo Alvarius Psilohuasca Kambo Ayahuasca Retreat weekends

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1 Review

I came to the Iboga Farm to take Bufo Alvarius. It was easy to book the ceremony and the facilitators organized a perfect B&B nearby. Communication begore was very good as well. They even picked me up from there and brought me back. The ceremony was great I saw that Mike and Sanders really cared for a great set and setting. The bufo came from toads from Mexico. I think that is the best way to get it, because they stay free and alife. The ceremony itself was even compared to other psychedelics on of the most intense moments of my life. My solar plexus chakra opend. I really have to thank Mike, Sander and Bufo for this amazing experience.

- visited 5 years ago

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