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We as humans are facing an international mental health crises with nearly half of us having a mental health diagnosis by the age of 40. Emotional exhaustion, burnout, depression, and PTSD are now commonplace within our families, communities, and places of work.
Root to Thrive History. While the Roots to Thrive program is now adapted to serve all humans, it began as a program for professional caregivers. A multi-disciplinary group of caregivers, curriculum, indigenous elders, organizational, and administrative experts identified a need among caregivers amid the rising tide of professional burnout and moral injury in healthcare.
Motivated to address this need, this collaborative of knowledge keepers applied for and won a Michael Smith Foundation for Research REACH Award to develop a curriculum that would address the significant developmental factors that could bolster the ability to thrive amid highly individualistic (often disconnected) and stressful environments. Because the requirements of thriving apply to all humans, based on participant feedback, the program has now expanded beyond caregivers to include all people.
Roots as a Resource to Address Caregiver Burnout. We are in an international crises with healthcare workers suffering from mental health conditions, caused or exacerbated by the toll that high stress and often trauma laden careers exert.

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