Mycophoria offers education, preparation, journey support, and integration for those looking to strengthen and connect deeply with their spirituality and highest self while building awareness of, and letting go of addictive patterns. As an experienced clinician with over 10 years of practice in both mental health and substance use treatment, with years of experience on her own journey of healing addictive habits with entheogenic medicines, Becca Evans guides people to journey back to their true selves and helps them raise awareness of patterns that no longer serve them. Becca uses extensive knowledge of clinical herbalism, amino acid therapy, nutrition, transpersonal psychology, and Earth-based practices as tools to heal and fully recover from alcohol, opiate, and benzodiazepine use. Becca encourages ongoing integration support and microdose coaching to help clients continue to align with their goals and insights gleaned in the entheogenic space. Becca is also an ardent supporter of harm reduction and allows people to define their own recovery.

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