a year ago
It is hard to describe this phenomenal experience adequately. In trying, I would use the word grateful over and over, but it is not enough.
The people you will find here will grant you such peace, such serenity. Both the space-holders and the other participants will become like close friends in the shortest space of time imaginable.
And then you journey. And the journey is so profound.
I am writing this the morning following my return from one of their 4 day retreats so I cannot comment on any lasting effects and I am still trying to make sense of some of the things I experienced and saw, which I understand will take time.
Especially if you intend on experiencing one of their retreats for healing, I encourage and advise you to attend.
When it comes time to leave, you will be sad, maybe even painfully sad, as I was. But you will come to understand that is what defines an experience that wields a power as great as Truffles Therapy does.
                              It is such a necessary beauty.

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Visited Wednesday, October 16th 2019