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Stu & Andreas retreat

Costa Rica



I originally contacted Chi and Leti around a year ago to find out some information about a retreat but unfortunately the dates didn’t line up. A year later Chi reached out to me via email to see how I was doing and not only were we in the same country, we were in the same town! I was actually in the process of finding a retreat with my girlfriend so everything came together and Chi and Leti organised a two day retreat for us in Santa Teresa at the amazing Thea villas. The experience was unbelievable and the setting absolutely perfect. The food and hospitality was second to none and we felt completely looked after throughout our time there. I was extremely nervous about experiencing a higher dose but I was encouraged to try it as that was the reason I went and I’m so glad that I did! I was terrified at points during the trip but it was absolutely necessary for me to have the experience and I felt completely safe knowing that Chi and Leti were there to look after us. I would highly recommend this type of retreat to anyone seeking a life changing experience. In the relatively short amount of time we were there they arranged for us to take two sound healing therapy sessions and we came away with some incredibly thoughtful gifts! We’re so grateful for our time at Thea and hanging out with Chi & Leti and the wonderful work they do.

Participants in ceremony: 2

Facilitators in ceremony: 2

Participants per Facilitator: 1








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