Review for Mushroom Tao -- At Home Microdosing Program & Private Retreat

The sweetest and purest hosts!

Costa Rica



I'm still in awe of the retreat experience. Everyone was so sweet and patient with me. You can clearly see that Leti and Chi have the purest intentions to help everyone, which made me feel super comfortable and safe. Truffles Therapy feels like family already. Still integrating my trip every day. It definitely started a process of change regarding my perspective on relations, life and work. All positive though :)

Number of Participants in ceremony: 4


Near nature, beautiful walks. A bit far from Amsterdam, but good to do with public transport.


Feels like a big holiday home meets hostel. Very neutral and therefore feels safe, but I prefer more cozy/atmospheric spaces :)


So zen, so chill, even when I sometimes was freaking out or jumping around.


Started with a Med/High dose and took all the optional boosters.


Let the truffle do the work.. Love their spirit. No annoying guidance that you don't want.


Only once or twice I got a little paranoid, but soon I saw nobody was freaking out and it was just my mind playing tricks. Guess that's what you get when you take a lot.


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