Review for Mushroom Tao -- At Home Microdosing Program & Private Retreat

Beautiful journey of Love

Costa Rica



I feel so blessed to have participated in this magical truffle retreat. The team is full of love and compassion and though I was worried, I felt safe and supported through every step of the way – before, during and after the retreat. The magical power of the truffles through the endless love, guide and support of Chi, Leti and Polina helped me heal hidden parts in myself and plant new seeds of transformation. I enjoyed the beautiful place we were staying at and spending time in nature. The vegen food was delicious and noticed to have been prepared with lots of love and attention. I also loved meditation, Yin Yoga, vision boarding and other activities we have participated. I recommend this very much to whom is interested in psychedelics and learning about themselves and the beyond.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 7


The location is beautiful and cozy and I enjoyed spending time in nature.


The cottage and room I was staying at were lovely –they were accessorized, neat and clean and I enjoyed my stay.


Chi, Leti and Polina are full of love and compassion.


The truffles are magical teachers and healers.



I felt very safe.


There was a lot of thought behind things and the retreat was well organized.

Booking process

The website is very friendly and the booking process was easy.

Follow up integration

I could feel the love and caring through follow up integration.

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