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Truffles Therapy offers safe and legal magic mushroom retreats in and around Amsterdam. Our psilocybin retreats include magic truffles journey(s), cacao elixirs, meditation, yoga, nature walks, homemade vegan food and pickup/drop-off service from the station. The private retreats are completely customisable and are adapted to individual wishes and needs. For example they can additionally include vision boarding sessions, breathwork, sound healing, singing, dance, massage, art therapy etc.
Our mission is to provide the ideal set, setting and integration for a transformative spiritual experience. Therefore we give all our love and care in the creation of retreats. We believe that psychedelics will be the facilitators of emotional healing, creativity and success in the 21st century.
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This center is open since August 3rd 2018


psilocybin truffles, cacao, vegan food, emotional support

beautiful villas in netherlands nature

we will pick you up at the airport.


Music that is played during session

the most healing buddhist, sikh, native american chanting and mantras.

Medical and safety


leti, chi, and polina have all been through many psilocybin journeys and have had dedicated their lives to the medicine after experiencing miraculous transformations in their lives.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 15 persons per group


Maximum 5 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

Beautiful journey of Love- visited 5 months ago
I feel so blessed to have participated in this magical truffle retreat. The team is full of love and compassion and though I was worried, I felt safe and supported through every step of the way – before, during and after the retreat. The magical power of the truffles through the endless love, guide and support of Chi, Leti and Polina helped me heal hidden parts in myself and plant new seeds of transformation. I enjoyed the beautiful place we were staying at and spending time in nature. The vegen food was delicious and noticed to have been prepared with lots of love and attention. I also loved meditation, Yin Yoga, vision boarding and other activities we have participated. I recommend this very much to whom is interested in psychedelics and learning about themselves and the beyond.
Thank you so much.- visited 3 months ago
We live our lives working so hard or maybe not working that hard for things that in the end it might not be really important. This retreat comes into my experience just in a moment of loosing trust, of aisolating myself from the world and creating my own without even noticing. What Leti and Chi are doing here is not only an individual healing, but a worldwide healing, allowing the teachings of the mushroom to give you the lesson you need in what it looks like a huge shot of love more than a retreat. I feel all this love that I received came from somewhere else in the past and is my dutty and responability to share what I got with my surroundings, trusting that one day it may return, not to me, but to wherever this love came from. Thank you.
Truffles Therapy is actively making change in peoples lives by providing the safest possible container for inner exploration. I was asked to co-facilitate one of their retreats and could clearly see how Chi and Leti have a true dedication to this work, and to the integrity it takes to pioneer in this field.
The best!- visited 25 days ago
At the beginning I was really sceptical about the retreat, convincing myself that's only it - a retreat. Pleasant way to spend few days, not able to fix anything, especially because I've used psychedelics before for recreational purposes. O boy, was I wrong. The loving atmosphere created by Chi, Letti and whole crew helped and enabled me to embark on this blessed and valuable journey. Highly recommend it to anyone striving to improve quality of life and becoming a better person.
The sweetest and purest hosts!- visited a month ago
I'm still in awe of the retreat experience. Everyone was so sweet and patient with me. You can clearly see that Leti and Chi have the purest intentions to help everyone, which made me feel super comfortable and safe. Truffles Therapy feels like family already. Still integrating my trip every day. It definitely started a process of change regarding my perspective on relations, life and work. All positive though :)