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A Spiritual Hand Ayahuasca Center (Asha)

ASH Ayahuasca Center (ASHA Center) is a beautiful retreat! A place where you are guided by the use of ayahuasca, do you want transcend into love and light consciousness? Ayahuasca is a traditional...

Abundancia Eco Lodge

Ayahuasca retreat center

Amazonian untamed jungle tours

We dedicated to the wild life spotting and discover differents places of the amazonian..brazilian forest,colombian forest and peruvian forest and navigating along of the amzon river until the mouth of...

AYA Healing Retreats

AYA Healing Retreats offer sacred plant medicine retreats in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon We draw upon the wealth of indigenous knowledge and healing wisdom of the Shipibo tribespeople native to...

Ayahuasca Foundation

The idea for the Ayahuasca Foundation was born from a desire to spread the science of plant spirit medicine back into the world. The Foundation supports the preservation of indigenous wisdom and...

Ayahuasca Medicine House

Ayahuasca Medicine House - Iquitos Peru

Ayahuasca Peru • Casa de Curacion

Ayahuasca Peru is a Shipibo Healing Center, considered one of the most important healing center in the peruvian amazon. For more than five years, this community of sacred medicine has developed...

Ayahuasca Sabiduria

Para realizar perfectamente todas nuestras actividades con ayahuasca, disponemos de un amplio espacio en la geografía amazónica. Disponemos de una casa de campo construida con madera, con habitaciones...

Canto Luz

Canto Luz Ayahuasca retreat, located in Peru, is a registered not for profit organization dedicated to working with local indigenous communities, supporting preservation of their cultures, healing...

Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Centre

Caya Shobo is a leading Shipibo Ayahuasca center in Iquitos, Peru. We welcome you to safely experience Shipibo Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta healing in a beautiful & convenient location with high-level...

Centro Ancestral Inca Shamanico Amazonico Espiritual

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CAISAE (Amazonian Incan Shamanic Spiritual Ancestral Centre) is a cultural centre. We are an association of various professional Master Shamans f the Andean High Plains and the Amazon. We work at the...

Centro Savia Terra

Ayahuasca Retreat Center; shaman formerly of Ayahuasca Sabiduria, Ronald Rivera

Chimicuas House

Es una planta medicinal, que siempre ha sido utilizada por las comunidades nativas del departamento de Madre de Dios y quienes manejan la propia lengua Madre Nativa para curar a sus enfermos, también...

Don Jose Campos

Don José cooks his own medicine using assistants under his supervision together with his experience and wisdom. He does not sell medicine to anyone nor buys medicine from others. He believes in a...

Don Marcial

Ayahuasca Retreat Center; Don Marcial was killed in 2015 Closed due to Don Marcial's murder. If you'd like to support the family, please contact:

Dr. Sanango

Ayahuasca Retreat Center