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Welcome to Ayakasha Netherlands. Ayakasha is the practice where a holistic and shamanic way of working with Ayahuasca and other Sacred Plants is combined with different forms of therapy. Our...


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Wij zijn Mike en Sander van Iboga Farm. Bij Iboga-Farm geven we ceremonies voor een ieder die het inzicht in zichzelf wil vergroten, belemmerende overtuigingen los wil laten, hinderlijke gewoontes...


Are you ready to make an inner journey with Psilocybin (Magic Truffle) ? Here we combine the jungle liana Caapi from the Ayahuasca with magical truffles (Psilocybin) which yields an insanely powerful...

Kambo Amsterdam

I am my Medicine, you are your Medicine. This is the place where we share our Medicine in different ways. Based in Amsterdam, working world wide. We hope to meet you some day in one of our journeys.