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Amsterdam Truffles Therapy

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Truffles Therapy offers safe and legal magic mushroom retreats in and around Amsterdam. Our psilocybin retreats include magic truffles journey(s), cacao elixirs, meditation, yin yoga, nature walks,...

Mens En Aandacht

Wij organiseren 3 en 6-Daagse retraites met Ayahuasca. Op een prachtige locatie in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in de natuur wordt je op een liefdevolle, zorgvuldige en professionele wijze begeleid bij het helen...


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Facilitating Entheogenic and Psychedelic Experiences in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tailored to your needs, you may choose the medium and duration of your treatment. The first step is a free consultation...


Praktijk voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling en bewustwording

Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands

In this new era of psychedelic practice and in recognition of current scientific research providing evidence for the benefits of these substances – backed up by our own personal explorations – we have...

Summer of Love 3.0

2017 is exactly 50 years since the first 'Summer of Love' which had its origins in San Francisco? 1988/1989 was also designated as the '2nd Summer of Love' originating in London when Acid House music...