Psychedelic organisations in Ecuador 


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Ayahuasca Devas Center Ecuador

WELCOME TO THE DEVAS CENTER FOR NATURAL MEDECINES AND PERSONAL DEVELOPPMENT Center for COACHING, Therapies and Personal developpment Ayahuasca center and Naturopathic retreats in Ecuador In the...


Chakapita is a beautiful, intimate retreat that provides guests a really unique healing experience. Each retreat is no more than twelve guests in total which enables the shaman to give each guest the...

Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Retreat Center

Gaia is a very old name for Mother Earth, or Mother Nature. In Greek mythology she birthed many of the major Gods who ruled over different sections of the Earth. Gaia is known as the nurturer,...

Nina Wasi

Nina Wasi is no more nor less than our home, where we live and work with love, where we receive hundreds of people that became family, during and after the healing process. This is why it is our...

Sacred Shamanic Journeys Samai Ocean Lodge

Sacred Shamanic Journeys Samai Ocean Lodge

The Garden Of Forgetfulness

Forget who you are and remember your original self! Before the discovery of fire, virgin energies connected us with a marvelous and hypersensitive reality, still possible today! Come experience this...