Ayahuasca organisations in Costa rica 


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Finca de vida • Farm of life

TAKE A VACATION FOR YOUR HEALTH Recharge Your Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Life-Passion

Mundo Gente Medicina

Our vision is to create and support a community to share in the wisdom of sacred plant medicines. Through the plants healing power and conscious work on ourselves, we can grow in a path connected...

New Life Ayahuasca

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Medicines to promote awareness, personal healing and self-love. Run by two individuals with personal experiences with addiction and the healing that followed, thanks to iboga and Ayahuasca. This...


Life Advancement Center: Rythmia is a medically-licensed everything-included resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. DISCOVER WHY 93.26% OF OUR GUESTS REPORT A LIFE-CHANGING MIRACLE DURING THEIR...


Sound of Light is a Sacred Medicine and Music Circle with a Healing Retreat Center in the Costa Rican forest. We facilitate seminars with the Sacred Visionary Plant Teachers that include healing...