Community organisations in Canada 


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Entheogenic Research Guild Of Toronto

ERGOT is dedicated to the research of entheogens ("generating the divine within") -- psychoactive plants and substances which induce an altered state of mind, conducive to both deep inward...

Inukshuk Counselling Service

ukshuk Counselling Service (ICS) first started on the East coast of Canada back in 2012. An inukshuk (inuksuk) is a man made stone land marker used by the Inuit of the North for directional purposes....

Montreal Psychedelic Society / Société Psychédélique de Montréal

The Montreal Psychedelic Society is a community where people can come together and engage in dialogue about psychedelics. The present psychedelic renaissance creates the perfect context for discussion...

Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum

After nearly forty years of prohibition, a new wave of research has emerged in the past decade exploring the efficacy of psychedelic substances (LSD, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, MDMA, Psilocybin, and...

Toronto Psychedelic Society

An inclusive and democratic community dedicated to changing conversations about psychedelics and having freedom of our own consciousness.