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Best Experience Ever!

Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo, Costa Rica



This is the most beautiful and amazing facility in Costa Rica I could have ever dreamed of. I had a large room and private bathroom to myself. The property itself was gorgeous with beautiful views of the ocean, breathtaking sunsets, blankets of stars at night and hiking trails too. The retreats are small, no more than 9 people which makes for a very clam, comfortable and more relaxing environment. The house has many places to enjoy the breeze while you read, nap or journal but also has several common areas to share insights and experiences with others. We had the best healthy nutritious meals, great yoga classes and even a day at an amazing waterfall since I was at one of their seven day retreats. Also included in our retreat was a 1 hour massage to help relieve tension. Matt and Jeanae are both amazing! The are supportive, informative and there for your every need. Being that this was my first experience with Ayahuasca and Kambo I am so glad it was at New Life. I know I was at the best place. I felt so safe and cared for.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 7


Large spectacular property with a house on a hill overlooking the ocean. Best views, sunsets and star gazing ever!


Everybody had their own room and private bathroom in this spacious house. Lots of common areas inside and out. Comfortable areas to be alone as well as together. Bonfires at night, tea with a view in the mornings. Perfect! There was also a large indoor pool and Jacuzzi.


Matt facilitates the Ayahuasca ceremonies and is so great. The instruments, the singing and the flow are exactly what is needed to take you through this journey. Jeanae is there to care for you during ceremonies as well as Drew. I felt so safe. Jeanae also does the Kambo ceremonies and Matt did Rape with us serveral times too. They are all so kind, gentle and informative.


The medicine was administered with individuals in mind as far as dosing and adjusted as needed. It was very well thought out.


Complete full disclosure with all questions answered. I knew exactly what to expect and they exceeded my expectations by far.


I felt so safe. Instructions from beginning to end were thorough and so helpful. They picked me up at the designated spot on time from the airport. The property was very secure. I traveled alone as a woman and it was the best experience ever.


Everything was ready for our group. I was given my room immediately upon arrival. We all got settled and were immediately immersed in the most relaxing environment I could have imagined.

Booking process

Jeanae sent all the information I needed immediately and answered all of my questions through email. Matt called me shortly after I inquired to do a phone consultation and screening. He asked all the right questions to insure my safety.

Follow up integration

We were provided with information to contact an integrator and therapist if needed and also had contact with Jeanae as we immersed ourselves back into our daily lives.

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