Summer of Love 3.0

2017 is exactly 50 years since the first 'Summer of Love' which had its origins in San Francisco?
1988/1989 was also designated as the '2nd Summer of Love' originating in London when Acid House music became popular. An event took place to celebrate these happenings and launched the 3rd Summer of Love here in Amsterdam on the 26th May 2017. Further events on this theme will then be planned and coordinated across the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019 throughout Europe.
The difference about this 3rd 'Summer of Love' is that it will be about the healing properties now becoming evident through the use of psychedelic substances and entheogens.
The unique environment of the Netherlands lends itself very well to such an undertaking because, as you know, the use of many of these entheogens are still tolerated here. It would be a shame to allow an opportunity to pass that put the Netherlands at the forefront of the current growing revolution around the medicinal use of psychedelic substances.
Please join us in bringing to consciousness this Summer of Love 3.0 - Third Time Lucky and in raising awareness of the massive benefits that psychedelic medicine can have for the entire planet.
Rather a Third Summer of Love than a Third World War!

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