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Unsafe in terms of Covid and also in terms of attitude

Nico Broekhuysenweg 8A, 1067 HT Amsterdam, Netherlands



One of the guides was unvaccinated, and refused to take a rapid corona test the morning of the scheduled session. (I had emailed the morning before asking them both to do so when I realised covid protocols had never been discussed in the two prior call I'd had with them.) The guide (Marcel) didn't reply to my email so it wasn't until he actually turned up and I asked him about it that he told me he was not willing to. (The other guide had done a test that morning as I requested.) Luc the owner supported the guide (Marcel) in this stance, and told me my request for a rapid corona test was a symptom of my '"anxiety". A lot of gaslighting and abuse of his position, in my opinion, trying to tell me that asking for a test was a symptom of my "issues" rather than a perfectly reasonable request in a pandemic. "Something in your mind that has no place in reality." Re asking for the test, Luc told me "your demands are illegal and unjust". He also talked over me repeatedly, spent thirty minutes haranguing me, and kept reminding me that I had signed a contract that the guides would have full control the day of the session."I cannot perform magic" (I think that was a reference to getting Marcel to take the test?) "We are here to guide you, not the other way around." Luc literally said that it doesn't matter if a guide has Covid or not. The session didn't go ahead, obviously. Luc has refused a refund.

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