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Best choice I ever made in my life.

Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico



I went to this place a few years ago. I was addicted to suboxone and heroin heavily, at maybe the lowest point of my life. Here, I experienced the single greatest turn around I have gone through in my entire life! The whole experience was not easy, but there was none of the horrific suffering I normally experienced trying to get clean. I mean everything came together for me there. The nutritious meals, several types of yoga, the ocean, drum circles, the doctor of Chinese medicine who healed my shoulder, the friends I met who changed my outlook on life; to say nothing of the wonder working powers of the plant medicines; wow, it was beyond anything I could of hoped for. I rarely write reviews, but I would be remiss not to for Anzelmo. It truly turned my life around; I limped in a cripple inside and out, and was a new man when I left. This place allowed the good inside me to fully come out. I am thankful to you all forever!

Number of Participants in ceremony: 12


Do not be so afraid of Mexico. It is beautiful and the people are wonderful. There are things so beautiful you will never forget them. I still miss it years later.


We were in a beautiful house by cliffs on the Pacific. I was accustomed to institutions where you couldn't even crack a window, so this place blew me away. Mind you, it was very simple, but in the best possible way.


I am a people person despite my misanthropy. I loved the people there. They were completely professional, and also warm and welcoming.


Their protocol knocked out my suboxone addiction without ANY of the usual attendant extended misery. I mean, that in my experience, I HAD NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS after the medicine. I did go through several of the 'Grey days' for me they were more like black days, but this was 4 or 5 days after a years long habit. No restless legs, anxiety attacks, or any of the crap I had been through using other methods. I now believe in miracles because I lived one.


The people and staff were always straightforward with me. They much more than delivered on what they promised, many times over actually. From an American viewpoint, certain experiences in Mexico are simply different than the way things are here. Some may see this as dishonesty, I honestly did not. On the whole people were straightforward .


Americans get nervous about Mexico, that they will be 'kidnapped' or something. Nothing like that happened, and I was ther efor over 90 days. I would sometimes leave the property without permission, one of my personal defects is a tendency to wander. I did this completely alone at day and under moonlight, to stroll the beach. I never encountered the slightest problem even once. And I did it many times. The danger is very overrated is my conclusion.


We had nutrition meals, three times a day, and smoothies on demand. The absence of sugar had me drop about 15 pounds that needed to go. Those were the only withdrawals, surprisingly, that I went through. In the end I was more than grateful for it, my body deaged 15 years, I shit you not. We had 2 kinds of wonderful yoga and Qi Gong on a regular schedule. These classes fast forwarded my healing. I was into it. The only disappointment, was that returning home, I could not easily find teachers like they had there. For all the three major courses they had supreme teachers, I am sad I no longer see them.

Booking process

It is so much better you have no idea. They actually used manilla folders, things we consider from the dark ages and to be inferior. Yet as to how the staff and counselors were aware of each individual patient's state of being and was far superior to what I went through in the U.S. with all their fancy data machines. I mean, the Mexican way just slam dunked in our faces in this regard. That was my honest experience of it.

Follow up integration

This one was rough, through no fault of their own. M counselor worked for hours with me finding a good place for me back in the US. I had legal issues at the time and it made it difficult, but my counselor George really helped me. But going back to the U.S., losing the easy access to the healthy diet, no longer having Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, or Chi Gong or an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine visit me every week... all that was a great loss to me. The plant medicines continued to work inside me for many weeks after I left; but the insane patterns of life in modern America eventually started dragging me down. I was in a beautiful, almost perfect, bubble down there, if life was perfect I just would not have left, at least for years. Maybe that sounds crazy, but I would have. So everything, negative family patterns, infatuation with the wrong women, everything, just started to pull me down a few months after I left.

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