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Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101, India

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We are a group of friends who have scaled and squeezed through the rungs and rings of life and, together, have come to the profound understanding of the dysfunctional nature of this world. We have since decided to step out of this scheme.
It is our mission to be a force for positive change. It is clear to us now that life is far more fulfilling and exciting when we live harmoniously with one another and with our planet, our Mother Earth. This is our message. Last year we opened an ashram* to the public, Gaia, situated among the Western Ghats around 30km from Kodaikanal, India. Already we have seen an enormous shift in perception from those who have stayed with us. (*We use ashram in the most simplistic sense - that of Community.)
Gaia is completely off-grid with all electricity being generated by solar panels; water is supplied by a neighbouring stream. We are working towards making the surrounding land into a food forest and have recently planted over 150 fruit trees. Living at the ashram is open for all and is totally donation-based.
We have long since decided to operate on a principle of love and giving. From our side, we always try to add as much value as we possibly can to the people who visit us, be it in terms of yoga, meditation, nutritional advice or about living in harmony with nature.
It is our dream to extend Gaia throughout the world. We dream of a decentralized community where the members are not necessarily connected by buildings and structures - but an ideology. United simply by their desire to do good. And it is with this idea in mind that I have started to travel in the hope of meeting and connecting like-minded people.
We also feel extremely grateful to Psychedelic Mushrooms for helping us immensely in our own spiritual evolution and also guiding us on how to be better tools for the evolution of planetary consciousness. I see Mushrooms as an elder species who have had their form for over a billion years before our species started its evolutionary journey. There is so much that we as a species can benefit from opening our doors to these teachers. We would love to do everything in our power to help reconnect our species with these teachers.

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