The Luminous Guide - Nicole Lilly

The Luminous Guide offers awakened mentorship and education in soul-centered, transformative practices for Seekers, Self-Healers and Healing Arts Practitioners looking to take their practice to the next level.
Develop mastery level skills for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth that align with how you truly came to Serve. Rooted in soma, inspired by spirit, accessible from anywhere through online masterclasses and immersions, such as the signature offering “The Art of Self-Guided Journeys” — an online experiential that will support you in your solo journeys with the sacred mushrooms.
Nicole Lilly, Creatrix of The Luminous Guide, has over 12-years experience in the Healing and Spiritual Arts include a Master of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychology. Find out more about her 1:1 mentorship for Healing Artists and Self-Healers at

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