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Psychedelics have not yet gained an acknowledged place amongst the mainstream comprehension of psychological therapy. Nevertheless, it's unofficially the most efficient treatment of addictions, depression, trauma, PTSD, OCD, anxiety and general guidance of life and health. Psychedelics have a tremendous ability to give you a different perspective.
Opposite western medicine, psychedelics treat the issues, instead of neglecting them, which is why sessions can be very emotional and liberating. Many first-time psychedelic users consider their experience as amongst the top 5 things of most significance to their perspective of life.
I work with psilocybin, LSD, and mescaline as I find these three psychedelics the most efficient assistance to my guidance and therapy provided.
Therapy sessions: I'm doing 1 to 1 sessions, as its a very delicate process that requires absolute focus and understanding from me as a guide. You are welcome to bring a friend if it makes the process easier for you, but ultimately its your journey, and I would advise come alone.
I offer two different options. A treatment inside in comfortable settings, and a session in nature. Its always recommendable that the first session is taken inside, for you to have an idea about the effects on you.
Research: We are currently doing research on the implementation of psychedelics in sports performance. More info to come.

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