Review for Metamorphogenesis

Revelations continue and a new calm is readily within reach…

Amsterdam, Netherlands



On the shores of an often ‘mirror like’ lake, a small floating cottage rests unobtrusively. That small cottage turns out to be a spaceship to unimagined dimensions. Your guide, Rudi, an accomplished pioneering psychonaut, readies you for the journey through connecting deeply and opening his home, his experiences, and his record collection as you prepare to expand your mind. Three barriers will fall as you embrace this portal to altered consciousness: the first is coming to know and trust this wise guide; the second is jumping joyfully into the chilly nature of the lake, and the third, the anxious stranglehold of your ego. If you come with a curious mind and an open spirit, there are mysteries you will unlock and treasures that you will carry with you when you leave. Receive a wisdom at the Lake of Joy that will show you there is no more important place on the planet. ROLAND LA RONDEL – 1 MARCH 2020

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Visited Sunday, January 31st 2021

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