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Lake of Joy a joy to behold

Amsterdam, Netherlands



If transformation, healing and adventure are what you seek, then Metamorphogenesis on the Lake of Joy is the place for you! I've been evolving and healing through a very difficult but joyous journey since 2013 - Rudi provided the perfect safe space for me to take a big leap into the next stage. I'm a freelance writer by trade, but I've been wrestling for my life with unblocking myself creatively so I can write the things I need to in this life…. Rudi's houseboat, knowledge and psychedelic guidance provided the vessel I needed for all of that to unfold in a reassuring and sustainable way that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Lake of Joy needs to be seen to be believed in its stillness and beauty…. Warning: you will want to jump in it - intuitively and spontaneously - after spending time there in Rudi’s insightful and supportive company. If you are curious about entheogenic experiences and feel a calling towards healing yourself through this method, then I could not possibly recommend a better guide and support system than Rudi Somerlove. I’m so grateful to have had this reality-affirming experience at the beginning 2019!! <3

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Visited Thursday, January 3rd 2019

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