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Amsterdam, Netherlands



Word of caution: This is going to be a long read, as one human being attempts to do its best to do justice to the one aspect of a rather profound experience. The Universe however, sincerely hopes that you, the reader, will have ample time to go through this text, as contained within it, is the same life-changing potential that so many of us has sought, still seeks, and will continue to seek, throughout our existence. This review/text will only describe the material aspect of the entire experience, as it is not my place to taint your spiritual experience with my own. The material and spiritual aspect of the entire experience is a delicate dance between Yin and Yang, the conscious and the unconscious, science and magic, and for some, even analogous to life and death. However, if you prefer a simpler analogy, you may regard this as someone describing how easy it is to find the parking lot and how good the valet service was. 😉 One’s exploration of the mall (Universe) is better achieved with a total peace of mind. As with almost all things in life, having an open and receptive mind with no expectations allows us to appreciate the beauty that is contained within the experience, and I would humbly and truthfully describe my experience as such. I did not know whom I was going to work with prior to sending an email to the organization, but I was immediately left with an extremely favorable impression after I received a detailed and courteous reply, within which a lengthy and very necessary questionnaire was found. I had to fill it up and reply to Rudi, who I initially thought was a woman, until I found pictures of him on Facebook. I swear that he is even more charming in person. Rudi is an outstanding gentleman who is meticulous in what he does, where it is done, and how he does it. The why and the when my dear reader, depends upon you. However, I digress. It is no overstatement when I say that Rudi is a person that I trust my life with, and I will forever be indebted to him. After receiving my email response, we arranged to have a Zoom call that lasted for more than 60 minutes, for us to ascertain my suitability for the experience. Again, I was left in awe, of how professional he was with his approach to the matter, which left me feeling comfortably at ease, and at peace with the decision, to have a 5MeO-DMT experience. We agreed on a date, and he provided me with a clear set of instructions to follow; which included, amongst other things, on how to get to his location, and what to consume and what to avoid, prior to our meeting. It could not have been more simple and straightforward than that. There are different options on how to get to the final destination after alighting at the bus stop, such as taking a bike ride or Rudi would even offer to meet you there and bring you to the location. However, I have to say this: If you are able to walk from the bus stop to and from the location when you depart and carry on your journey, do so. It is every bit peaceful as it is sobering. In addition, I could not recommend it more, or highly enough, to stay for the night in the location. ESPECIALLY if you are doing 5MeO. You do not have to thank me for it, but if you wish; you may thank the universe later. When I saw Rudi I immediately felt like we have met before, and he very much put me at ease with his calm and relaxed demeanor. There was no pressure or push, and if ever, only the most gentle of encouragement. His detailed, safe, and well-structured approach towards the administration of said substance was, is still, and always will be truly appreciated. I will not spoil it for you dear reader, but I will say this. The approach, and DOSAGE is just as, if not, more crucial than set and setting. Which frankly speaking, you will not even have to think about as the location itself pretty much nails it, while Rudi holds the space for you. Psychedelic re-integration is a vital part of the entire experience/process and Rudi is well experienced and prepared to assist you with what is necessary. He will be in all senses of the word, humbly be at your service. You will feel safe, warm and loved in his abode and company at all times, and as he would aptly remind you, you will not feel any of his ego for the entire journey, but you will feel his reassuring presence ever present, guiding you. I love him and I do not, all at the same time; I love him for the entire experience that he provided me with, and I do not because after this experience, I feel like there may be no other person I could ever trust as much, for experiences as powerful as these. Thank you for helping me to restore the inner harmony between Love and Ego, and everything else in between. I will always love you my brother. This one is not for you or me but for the entire Universe, because we are the Universe. Ultimately, that which will continue to connect everyone eternally, throughout all of infinity, is LOVE. ❤❤

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Facilitators in ceremony: 1

Participants per Facilitator: 1


You are better than Jesus ever was, He walked on water, you're lying on top of it.


Comfortable, clean and more than adequate (Not all eggs and toast are created equal my friends)


Love, respect and everything positive word you can, and can't think of. Because let's face it. Language is somewhat limiting right?


I appreciate the honesty and how upfront this was presented to me. Please let us not cause trauma to the Sonoran desert toad and use synthetic options instead. Hamilton Morris and the late Alexander Shulgin has already done the work, let's be mindful about the impact we have on our natural environment.


Cannot get anymore honest than that. See above (Section labeled "Medicine")


Well, its not a bank vault, but it is secure enough for me.


As a scientist, I truly feel like this is an excellent way to go; although please bear in mind that apart from experiences I have seen from documentaries, I did not have any other 5MeO experience elsewhere, and I will very likely not. I believe and feel like I have found my home.

Booking process

Simple and well thought out. It's still not like booking a hotel if I am honest. ;) But then it really shouldn't be.

Follow up integration

Much needed and the experience of the facilitator contributed very much to this. It was grounding.

Visited Monday, January 3rd 2022

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