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Finding my sense of SELF

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia



Traumatic events can cause wounds so deep you don´t even know where to begin the process of healing. Conventional therapy helped me to "get by" in my 20s and throughout most of my life.Warren helped me go from the "day to day" and "surviving" to healing. Healing for me is a process that requires revisiting the past while surrounded by trust, understanding and compassion; these I received and continue to receive from Warren which, in addition to unconventional medication, have allowed me to grieve, to evaluate, to understand, love, and be compassionate with myself. To evaluate how those unhealed wounds drove my behavior, my outlook on life, and my perception of myself. I can´t say enough on how therapy at Refugio with Warren and his staff have changed my personal and professional life.

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The location is amazing, breath-taking, beautiful...perfect space to free your mind and yourself.


Cozy, comfortable, relaxing ambience in a magical gorgeous natural setting.


Can´t say enough about Warren, Ines, and their staff...compassionate and empathetic ready to help and guide.


Helped me to take off my "armor". I´ve been on anti-depressants before. The effect after this experience was immediate. The unlocked memories continue popping up, helping me to connect experiences and help myself understand and heal.


Honesty from your guide and therapist is crucial in evaluating how your behaviors lead to outcomes in your life. Warren as a therapist is able to help you focus inward and analyze yourself in a very direct but compassionate way.


I opted to do my long therapy session with medication one on one with Warren. As a woman who spend decades "armored up", I felt comfort, support, trust and compassion during the time the session lasted.


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Visited Thursday, April 21st 2022

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