Our team is investigating the application of MDMA, psilocybin, San Pedro and ibogaine as a partial response to a variety of mental health conditions. We provide preparation, guided session and integration work for clients.

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This center is open since April 23rd 2017


MDMA, Mushrooms, San Pedro, Ibogaine

LocationLocated at the border of the Amboro national park, our location is an incredible private nature reserve.

How to get thereArrive to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and we can provide transport

Accommodation and facilities

6 single rooms

4 double rooms

4 dorm rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

We use live and prerecorded music.

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available nearbyHospital

The center has a psychological therapist available on-siteWe have a team of psychologists and counselors with more that 45 years of combined experience

The center conducts an intake processOur clients fill out an application, do a holistic inventory and to at least three preparation psychotherapy sessions.

The center provides a follow up integration processClients are provided with three post ceremony therapy sessions along with the opportunity for ongoing support.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentWe provide individual and guided sessions for the purpose of personal growth and exploration.

The center provides treatment for psychological disordersThe majority of our work focus's on helping people overcome anxiety and depression. We have an incredible track record of helping people with treatment resistant depression.

The center provides treatment for physical illnessesWe provide holistic care and support for people who have autoimmune conditions such as lupus.

The center provides treatment for addictionsOur work with ibogaine and mushrooms has helped many people leave the cycle of addiction.


Warren McCaig is a canadian trained counsellor and compassionate inquiry practitioner with a decade of experience supporting those leaving addiction. He has been working with psychedelic medicine for almost four years. He chairs the compassionate inquiry focus group on psychedelic assisted therapy.
Ines Zabalaga has a master's degree in psychology with an emphasis in the systemic approach. She also trained in family constellations and therapy using flowers from her native Uruguay. She has been working with psychedelic therapy for three years.


Sustainable projectsRefugio Los Volcanes is a permaculture and sustainable eco tourism business operated to provide ongoing employment and economic opportunity to the local community.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 15 persons per group


Maximum 15 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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13 Reviews

It changed my life, it gave me conciousness, it saved my life, and i earned new family, i couldnt be more gratefull for this, and i totally recommend it, Warren and Ines are simply amazing!

- visited 2 years ago

Compasión is the guide par excellence in therapies and I found it with this group. Refúgio is a piece of heaven on earth.

- visited 2 years ago

I can't even begin to explain how important it was my retreat for me, not only it helped me figure and resolve 7 major issues in my personal life and my inner healing journey, but the place itself had an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT place in the process, I don't know if it was the fact that, since is surrounded by mountains, you feel extremely safe, nature plays a very important role, and being able to be surrounded by all the elements in such a cozy but huge enviroment, gives you a wholesome sempsation, If I could, I would make everyperson on this planet go through the experience, I know it sounds a bit exagerated, but I can't stress enough how it changed my life for the better.

- visited 2 years ago

I write this with absolutely gratitude towards Warren for the help he’s given me. The time he’s put in. The compassion and caring he has showed me through my journey has meant so much to me. I am finally becoming the man I always wanted to be. Warren helped me connect to the inner child… heal him! Helped me with all my past trauma! Helped me heal… I can’t help but smile to know how far I’ve come because of Warren and guided Trips! Thank you brother… you are a Rock star

- visited a year ago

My expectations were exceeded. The place is amazing, and Warren is the best therapist. I came out of this place with a new life; I started to enjoy every single thing that happens throughout the day. Life can be hard some times, but after this experience you will always able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And most importantly you are going to be able to be at peace with yourself.

- visited 2 years ago

Traumatic events can cause wounds so deep you don´t even know where to begin the process of healing. Conventional therapy helped me to "get by" in my 20s and throughout most of my life.Warren helped me go from the "day to day" and "surviving" to healing. Healing for me is a process that requires revisiting the past while surrounded by trust, understanding and compassion; these I received and continue to receive from Warren which, in addition to unconventional medication, have allowed me to grieve, to evaluate, to understand, love, and be compassionate with myself. To evaluate how those unhealed wounds drove my behavior, my outlook on life, and my perception of myself. I can´t say enough on how therapy at Refugio with Warren and his staff have changed my personal and professional life.

- visited a year ago

Es difícil resumir en un review todo lo que viví en mi experiencia con psicodélicos, no entraré en detalles de lo que viví en la sesión ya que cada quien vive de manera única su experiencia y es lindo vivirla sin saber exactamente que esperar. Sí quisiera resaltar lo clave que fue para mí hacerlo en Refugio, ya que este espacio fue tan noble, lleno de energías puras, y realmente me brindó toda esa magia que fue parte indispensable y perfecta, Tanto para la sesión como para el día siguiente. Durante la sesión muchos elementos del lugar se hicieron parte, todo se conectó de forma maravillosa. Y al día siguiente, sentir correr el agua, sentarme a simplemente ser parte de todo y asentar lo vivido, fue un regalo. Inés y Warren quienes me acompañaron en la sesión, con tanta apertura, cuidando de cada detalle, libre de juicios y comprometidos con cariño en mi proceso, fueron mi lugar seguro, a ellos les quedo eternamente agradecida. Desde mi experiencia llevar estos procesos con personas profesionales en quienes confíes, en un espacio ideal, es un requisito no negociable. En esta etapa post, en la que cada día me levanto con un sentimiento de gratitud a la vida, con esta sensación de: “que hice para merecer sanar tanto”… dejé en la sesión muchos kilos de peso emocional, me siento ligera, muy conectada conmigo misma, con la naturaleza y toda la vida que me rodea. Me siento Abundante, una fuente poderosa de energía femenina despertó en mí, que trajo una intuición aún más fina que antes, la calma, la vida con detalle, las ganas de nutrirme en todos los sentidos, mucha claridad sobre lo que quiero y no, la seguridad para rechazar lo que no deseo y hacerlo libre de culpas. Definitivamente mi perspectiva de vida ha sido ampliada enormemente, me di esta sesión por que algo dentro me decía que sería mi regalo de cumpleaños. Y siento que ha sido para mí un volver a nacer a mis 36, mas suelta, clara, abundante y conectada. Gracias, gracias, gracias!

- visited a year ago

This kind of experience makes you feel a new human being. This amazing people and amazing place has impact my soul and my mind in so many ways that I barely can describe. Hopefully in the future, more people will be open to this experience and realice what important is to find their own voice, to give a chance to feel and be presente and in balance. This medicine was giving for us by nature and that is a gift that we have to embrace and recive. I really find many lessons for me in this experience, just need to be presente and open...

- visited 6 months ago

Its just something that has made such a deep impact in my life that not only it changed it for good and forever, but it also gave me a purpose un life, consciouss to help myself and others and all of this in the most loving care of the most incredible group of human beings i have ever met and in one of the most peacefull and healing places earth can provide. I cant be more gratefull with this and my RE-CREATION.

- visited 6 months ago

My experience at Refugio was trully re-borning one! Thanks to the incredible caring & professional humans-facilitators-Ines, Stacey, Warren & Adam, I felt so safe & relaxed, that I could fully surrender to the healing power of the nature - the wisdom of plant medicine and learn deeper knowledge about myself. All that was supported by fantastic group of people in the workshop and the stunning beauty of the place itself. When I arrived there, I thought I landed in paradise🙏👌 Trully life-changing experience! My deep gratitude for having the chance to be part of it and visit such a special place on earth💚

- visited 6 months ago

My experincie with the group dynamics before, during and after taking mushrooms was a constant exploration of myself through my body. We continued to reinterpret sensations in our bodies and ideas in our minds through multiple dynamics. The space, the peace within refugio, allowed me to explore my inner shadows and light, (through others as well) with great confidence. Being in nature gives great peace to the mind, allowing for a deeper more relaxed exploration. I felt protected and taken care of by the staff and guides at refugio. After shattering experiences or breakthroughs, it was always nice to return to my cabin and find a safe space in order to integrate. Even though I have used psychedelics before, the guided experience with Bloom plus the integration process afterwards, have given me life-long tools to explore myself, gain new perspective on traumas, and push myself to change.

- visited 6 months ago

The moment I saw the invitation for the Re-Creation Retreat I instantly knew that I am already part of it. The Team, the place, the aim, the proposed program of the retreat, all was meticulously fitting together. I travelled across the world to reach one of the most wonderful place I ever been in my life ... Refugio Los the middle of the nature, deep in the forest surrounded by wilderness...the best place ever to undertake a self-exploration journey, reconnecting with myself and look inside for what I don't want to see. This Retreat composed of bodywork, Compassionate Inquiry, reconnection with emotions, family constellation with the assistance of horses, sharing, integration and of course plant medicine ceremonies (San Pedro and psilocybin). Each and every member of the organization team is a top notch expert in his field and along with the wonderful place, it created the perfect conditions to feel safe and being able to surrender to all that needed to happen. My journey with the plant medicines lead me to the dark places of my soul, it wasn't easy for me and this is where the expertise of the facilitating team allowed me to travel in those unknown grounds and safely come back with a new view of myself. Not forgetting to mention the loving bounds we have created with all the participants of the retreat as being part of such altered states of consciousness experience open up hearts, dissolve barriers, increase compassion and allow people to be deeply touched by each other life stories. I am grateful for the journey, the guidance and the soul connections I took back home with me.

- visited 6 months ago

Reconnected with my creator and my inner child during the most spiritual experience! Facilitators were so loving and compassionate and refugio was the perfect place. Couldn’t recommend a more perfect setting for such a life changing experience.

- visited 5 months ago

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