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Worst experience ever!!

Amsterdam, Nederland



Worst experience ever! I am traumatized...Having been to “legit” ceremonies, this was was extremely painful for me to sit through for 3 days. I just couldn’t wait for it to be over. A ceremony that should be sacred was turned into a circus by Maria. They took videos of each other, was on the computer, talked loudly throughout the ceremony to each other and any one who would listen. They did what they pleased, when they pleased with no respect for anybody else there. 0f course the lights were on throughout so she could make sure that she had her audience. They actually went into the blankets and laid their hands on one of the participants to shake her in order to perform one of their “rituals” while she was journeying. Most of the people who attended hadn’t been to a ceremony before so they had no clue how chaotic it was or anything to compare it to, thank god. Mother Ayahuasca did came through for them, but Maria played no part in holding the space sacred nor did she respect the plant medicine. It was supposedly the “last” ceremony that she is going to do and I hope for everyone’s sake that is true. She has no business performing ceremonies and I know that the plant medicine community would have been as horrified by what unfolded as I was. When I voiced my frustrations, I was told “not everybody is a good fit”. She was there to hold space, I paid her handsomely to do wasn’t about “a fit”, but really it wasn’t about us, it was all about her and her team. She and her “team” were loud and obnoxious....a train wreck, such a huge disappointment.

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Visited Thursday, October 3rd 2019

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