We Tripsit (Retreat and Sitters)

California, USA

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We Tripsit  (Retreat and Sitters)
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Seeking experienced tripsitters in the US who can guide you through a transformational psilocybin journey?
You’ve found them!
We’re a team of two seasoned tripsitters (one male, one female) who have personally healed from various mental, emotional, and physical illnesses through the intentional use of psychedelics.
We’ve tripsat for hundreds of people from around the world. We’ve organised and facilitated many life-changing multi-day experiences for individuals and groups up to 37 people.
During each session, we establish a sense of sacred ceremony, to help you connect with yourself, others, and nature.
We offer time-tested preparation and integration activities that enrich and deepen your psychedelic experience.
We’re experts at creating the ideal set and setting for your journey. Your safety, healing, and growth are our top priorities.

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