Tangerine Retreat offers safe legal psychedelic retreats with Psilocybin in the nature close to Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This center is open since January 1st 2023



LocationClose to Amsterdam

How to get thereAccommodation at Tangerine Retreat is located in the Netherlands, 50 km from Amsterdam. Although the complex is tucked away in natural surroundings, it’s not completely cut off from the outside world. Schiphol International Airport is just 45 minutes from the accommodation.


Music that is played during session

live music

Medical and safety

The center has a psychological therapist available on-sitePsychiatrist on-site

The center conducts an intake processMedical Screening

The center provides a follow up integration processSeven days after the retreat – third group session During a video call with the facilitators, participants can take the opportunity to share their experience from returning to everyday life. One by one, if they want to, they can discuss what they learnt, their awakening, and the difficulties they faced. After the psilocybin retreat, we recommend that participants seek regular guidance for handling their emotions: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, sophrology, Qi Gong… We also encourage our participants to participate in social activities and resist any temptation to be alone.

The center provides ceremonies for personal development


The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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