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Mystical Heart Collective offers retreats with Ayahuasca and San Pedro on the beautiful beach of Olon, Ecuador.
More details coming soon. Visit our website to learn more about us.

This center is open since June 28th 2020


Ayahuasca - Ayahuasca vine, Chacruna leaves, and Water. San Pedro (Huachuma, Aquacolla) - San Pedro cactus and Water. Kambo - Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog secretion. We only use these ingredients sourced in sustainable ways

A beautiful and modern beach getaway in gorgeous Olon, Ecuador.

After arriving Guayaquil International Airport, we will provide transportation to the retreat center.

Accommodation and facilities

2 single rooms

7 double rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Sacred medicine songs (Icaros) will be sung during the ceremony to guide the experience.

Medical and safety

Urgent care clinics are available in Olon and Santa Elena, and a hospital is close in nearby Guayaquil.

We have each guest fill out a questionnaire and participate in an interview to make sure our retreat will be the best way meet their needs.

Each guest will have access to Psychedelic Integration Academy ( A 9 week integration course led by the retreat facilitators) at a discounted rate.

Our ceremonies are conducted to open the portals of healing to facilitate a harmonious relationship between you and yourself, those in your life, and the universe at large with the goal of creating more joy and peace in you experience of life.


Details coming soon

Group Size

Maximum 14 persons per group


The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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