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The people working at and with Ebando are doing the good work. Acting as a bridge to natural medicine while also protecting the native culture and forest. Tatayo is a good medium into bwiti because it will be very hard to understand if you do not speak French. All of your needs will be listened to with a loving heart and you will be looked after for the entirety of your time during the initiation process which is around 2 weeks. Working with Iboga in its native land with its native culture is magical and wont be forgotten until its time to forget it all. The experience goes beyond using plant medicine and into the immersion into a culture and a family. Iboga is a very powerful plant but I am confident that through vast experience and universal perspective Tatayo can guide you calmly through the experience. I cannot really speak highly enough about the crew and the sacrifices they make doing the good work. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone and I think it would be hard to find a better introduction into Bwiti and Iboga for a westerner.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 3


Just outside of libreville directly on the ocean. Still feels abit like being in the jungle even though much cutting has been done


Basic with delicious food



Iboga is powerful you do not need to worry about taking enough you get what you need




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Visited Friday, January 12th 2018

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