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Wonderful, Challenging experience




I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be initiated with Ebando and Tata yo. I feel healthier, happier, more aware of my thoughts and on a better path in life. The Iboga experience was very challenging for me. After getting rid of a lot of garbage from my brain, and reviewing a lot of trauma, I was blessed with the opportunity to rebuild it. I’m excited for the future and how things unfold after this beautiful and challenging experience. Life feels more colourful, complex and wonderful after Gabon. A word of warning. Iboga and initiation process is an extremely heavy duty experience. If you feel the calling and truly think you are strong enough I would recommend it. It will really test you and push you past your limits. Having said that, I recommend Tata yo and Ebando very highly. If you are called to Iboga, they are wonderful people to do it with.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 2


Easily accessible location in Gabon. Short drive from airport and on the beach!


Wonderful, caring, masterful facilitators


Powerful, respected, responsibly sourced, and available to the community.


Very honest, transparent and fair throughout the entire process


Felt safe and secure the entire time.


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Follow up integration

Visited Monday, July 30th 2018

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