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Fron the moment I first heard about Iboga I had a feeling that at some point I was going to end up doing my initiation with Tatayo and his crew at Ebando. Little did I know then, how big the impact would be and how much this process would help me to grow up. I was welcomed with such ease and as soon as I stepped onto the compound I felt at home. The space is very comfortable, secure and cozy and despite being nervous of what was to come I felt the magic of the medicine as well as the sincerity of everyone there, right away. From the moment on that we surrendered to the process I felt like a chess figure being played in the most divine way - the care, humor and wisdom we experienced from Tatayo and his crew was nothing short of mind-blowing. What can be an intense personal journey was supported every step of the way. We enjoyed great food, had good laughs and at the same time were left with enough space for reflection and down time. To witness how dedicated a group of people, like the team at Ebando are, for a cause that is far beyond their own egos was very humbling and the music that goes with is just divine. I was fortunate enough to return 2 years later to witness another group of Banzis being initiated and the parts of the ceremony that had zipped past me back then, became much clearer. Being less involved with my own process made me appreciate this intricate science that is Bwiti even more. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for the people of Ebando especially Tatayo’s tireless effort to make this world he lives in a better place, for whoever wants it. Huge thanks also to Pemba who is a true warrior of love. I miss his singing every single day! Also the artistic ability of Bokayé and Maviango and many others whose music carries you through even the most challenging times….. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of all of you… you’re forever in my heart. Lots of love and hopefully until next year!

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Visited Thursday, February 15th 2018

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