Iboga is the real deal, but you need safety

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Iboga is the real deal, but you need safety
 3 years ago
Tatayo is a tried and true shaman, well-respected amongst its peer in Gabon (quite a feat, as he's a westerner), but more importantly, he's a great human being, and therefore surrounds himself with like people. Plus, Ebando is the real stuff, as they're really doing something great for Gabon and its people. I strongly encourage anyone who's seriously looking for healing/therapy and/or a "spiritual experience", to spend three weeks at Ebando's. Iboga won't disappoint you, you just have to go through eating it, it's the ordeal people tell it is, but life-changing as they also say. Tatayo, his trainees and other initiates make the ceremony extremely safe and loving.

Number of people in ceremony: 15



As Africa goes, it's well above the norm. Don't expect luxury but you don't go there for that!


Great, true people all-around





Booking process

Some issues with Visa but nothing dramatic, just prepare well in advance Remember it's Africa!

Follow up integration

You won't be sent out in the wild afterwards as there's a follow-up of a week + Ebando creates ties, you'll be put in contact with other initiates from your country

Visited Monday, September 30th 2013