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Reawakening of Nzego 1 july 2017




1 year ago, the destiny made me met a welcoming and nice “getting-young” man with fresh spirit that had the wisdom to know that he does not need to...

Reawakening Of Nzego July 2017

1 year ago, the destiny made me met a welcoming and nice “getting-young” man with fresh spirit that had the wisdom to know that he does not need to prove it to anybody. I entered in the door of a familiar backyard (as I have had some chats with the parrot “Jolie Coeur” beforehand), and I saw… I still do not really know exactly what i saw… or what I heard… or what I learned… or what I deeply realized… As there are things as difficult to digest as to understand, even less to describe… …maybe a music that tends to dissapear and to invade all at the same time… …maybe an expanding fire that fell everything with the acceptance which is the root for inner harmony, that precious fruit needed to build both freedom and love… …maybe me as a part of the Universe, itself being a part of me… …maybe a time, flexible and dynamic, inmediate and ethernal, on which I was a pyramid, a buda, a thunder, a leopard… …maybe the symphony of breathing stars, the dance of palm trees waving for the new day… …maybe the answer to a question that i did know that I had… …maybe the greeting to a new current of enlightened motivations and dreams… To say that this was one of the most enriching, surprising and beautiful experiences of my life would risk to be a far too moderate assertion… All this is possible, yes, to the sacred wood… But not less important, the welcoming family environment created in Ebando is what makes possible that the wood worked on myself with full intensity. Total trust in the new family/tribe is a condition to free yourself to the unknown, face your fears and fight the longest of the nights. There are not enough writing lines to thank all Ebando tribe, spetially to lovely grandma Constantine; to the super professional, passionate and knowleageble uncle Pemba; and to the Wise Man Tata-yo, that welcomes the World with a smile, and sees the diverse and particular beauty of each of his banzis. Dikombo bokaye! Nzego

Number of people in ceremony:



Peaceful, well communicated with city and airport. Sandy beach.


Simple and badic rooms, but welcoming people. Probably ideal for being a research or feeling mood. Food taken on family, ideal for integration in the group


Tatayo (nganga) was providing the needed guidance with honesty, empathy and building trust. Wise and funny man. Pemba was meticoulous and knowleageble. Constantine was loving and caring.


Big effect with no need of very big dose


Very honest


Secure location, with close boundaries


I was well prepared in my state of mind, even if i did not know much

Booking process

Tatayo facilitated our experience and kept the agreed date

Follow up integration

The experience has been very useful and integrated in my life.

Visited Saturday, July 1st 2017

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