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EXPERIENCE with eboga
 3 years ago
My name is christelle Mérault I travelled in 1988 in Gabon with my mum to live in Gabon .I met Hugues Poitevin alia&s tatayo by the same time .I was looking to find my way as a teenager.He then was developping his project regarding protection of gabonese culture to preserve with the otoctone people and specially the fang tribes in a village name jerusalem,I have been initiated at that time in this village. after a reflection and a personal invesment in what could be for me a birth again!During the initiation the people was always taking care of me specially hugues who was following from day one!and all the village was very king and gentle . At this time Hugues was very aware and he take care of me like a father and the people from the village was very lovely.I knew I was in good hands with honest people .THAT's why I never hesitated to stay in relation with Mister Poitevin.I still following the group from France and I am very gratefull for all what I see happening with the people that's developping this project .

Number of people in ceremony: 150







I was in a very secur environment


the preparation took place months before and all the explications was clear and calmly discribed to me before .

Booking process

all was prepare long before the initiation.months before and well prepar with hugues poitevin and his assistant and participants was presents to me ,as I was living in the village .

Follow up integration

I was very well accepted as a one person more in the village and they offer me accomodation immediatly.All the women and men accepted me as one more .very kindly.

Visited Thursday, May 31st 2018