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Bwekaye! We are ONE 🔥❤️🌍🙏🏼
 3 years ago
I’m forever grateful to TataYo, Papa Andre, Mama Lucy and all the bwitiful people of Ebando for their unconditional love and compassionate kindness. The Bwiti Initiation at Ebando is so much more than just another retreat to have a “psychedelic experience” it is about re-setting your Mind, re-rooting back to Nature, re-aligning to the Heart, re-discovering our Oneness, and re-birthing to our True Self. At Ebando, tremendous care, love and energy is channeled by more than a dozen people into just 2-3 initiates per ceremony. This makes Ebando incredibly unique in it’s approach to transformative healing that lasts! The goal at Ebando is not to simply offer Iboga, but to unite our fragmented consciousness to its Source, through an elaborate ritual of polyrhythmic music, cleansing baths, forest offerings, ceremonial blessings, cultural exposure, and ritual dancing. This is a truly unforgettable experience with a potential to be a tremendous catalyst in your spiritual journey back to NOW.

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Visited Sunday, December 21st 2014