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I am very grateful that I went to Ebando which happened at the end of the year of 2016. I was there from beginning of December through beginning of January. I probably had the most mental blockages going into the initiation compared to my initiation twins but all in all the experience was still very powerful and opened up a lot more emotional strength, stability, patience, and many other virtues that are still developing day by day. Tatayo and his crew (they are an entertaining, friendly and wild bunch) were very supportive, professional and thorough throughout my stay. The 3 days before taking the big medicine dose they gave us Mwamba Jeune, which is a great mediine to strengthen and cleanse the liver before ingesting large amounts of iboga and I was really appreciative of the fact that they gave us this medicine as well as other purgative plants and the plant baths too, which showed the level of care, respect, and reverence for the spirits present in all the work they did. I have a bit of background with shamanic work mainly with the shipibos and I found many similarities in the way they worked and this familiarity was a pleasant surprise. The food was insanely delicious! Don't get me started! Also the presence of bwiti music lurking around every corner was very welcoming and helped me to stay tuned into the medicine. Thanks to Tatayo, Mambwiti, Pemba, Bokaye, Sarha Yann, Alice, Ted Nguimbi and so many more of the crew that made the stay very amazing life changing experience

Number of Participants in ceremony: 20


The property is quite nice, next to the beach. One feels a peaceful energy in the air there. The surrounding property is not the most exciting but it is nice to walk along the beach and there are plenty of opportunities to go on little trips with Tatayo and friends which we did many times.


The room was simple and comfortable. I slept like a baby almost every night.


I liked everyone there, I only wish I spoke more french but luckily there were a few english speakers to help out. Tatayo speaks really nice english. He is a very good host and good friend too.


The medicine was very clean, pure, and strong.




The preparation process was very thorough and I am grateful for this as it helped the quality of the experience greatly

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Tatayo checked up with me through email to make sure I was doing good!

Visited Friday, May 25th 2018

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