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This is a village on the beachfront, where good rules are upheld, respect and prayer is abundant! I experienced a multilingual multicultural super-ceremony that I can still can carry in my heart. It include some bwitists from all over West Africa . The leader of the village is of character and brilliance. The place is deserving of business from those who are willing and able to go through an intense experience with their goals in mind, and ready to share and receive the beautiful resources and skills offered. The family at Ebando did everything they could for me and my babymomma to show us beauty and nourishment that this eden can offer in such a short time of a couple weeks. They assisted with tours of the rainforests, escapades into the city, and the sacrament of the container to go on an inner voyage to the inner multiverse. I hope it is understood this is not a vacation to check out of reality, or expect padded corners and super clinical safe spaces as accustomed in a western USA hospital or psychologist office. It is the rainforest/urban environment.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 3


Garden in walled compound of the beach! Near major city, yet in a quiet posh suburb, compared to other parts of town.


Individual rooms with And clean beds! Laundry and






Booking process

Gabon is a hassle to get into, but it’s pretty straight forward.

Follow up integration

Visited Thursday, December 1st 2016

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