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Tatayo, the founder of Ebando explained to be once that on of the means of the word "Ebando" is -the beginning. For me the initiation here was a beginning of a process of coming home to myself and realizing the deep roots and ancestry that somehow we lost long ago. Ebando is doing something truely vital in this world...its helping people like us find our hearts our ground and our ancestoral origins while the forest around it is being taken down tree by tree. Ebando can help us see ourselves yes ...but in doing so it helps us to see the potential to be in real community with our world. We gain the insight to become part of an ancient line of care takers of our world and each other. Ebando invites us to be humble and to keep loving and giving no matter how much pain our lives have experienced. At Ebando the question is always about balance in all things....Can we give as much as we receive? We are always at the beginning... so right now is always the place to live. Thank you Papa and my Brothers and Sisters at Ebando...may you share your light with as many of us that truely want to keep the torch alive...Bless you ...Bassé Ebando.

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Visited Sunday, December 28th 2014

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