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After more than one year cycling Africa I discovered Ebando. I had no idea about Iboga, Bwiti or any other saccred plant... Then I met Tatayo and I realised that the trip was finished and I had found all that I was looking for. So I fixed my tent and lived in Ebando for around four months. If you are thinking about being iniciated, it is important understanding (which took me few months) that you are not just going to eat a root. Bwiti is much more than that: philosophy, medicine, art, music, botanic, religion, singing, dancing... We could say that Bwiti is a lifestyle and the people in Ebando are going to share with you all that knowledge. That is what you are paying for. Ebando is the perfect place to take Iboga... You will meet best professionals: Mvilu, Bocaye, Pemba, Maviango, Constantine, Alice, Manolo, Redidi, Bonguema, Etudia, Naika... All of them, great musicians and experts in healing. They know exactly what to do in any moment of the iniciation, so you will feel confident. And what could I say about Tatayo? He is probably the best person I have ever met, a truly nganga. He is kind of a funny spiritual anarchist, which it is interesting... As he is a boss who hates the idea of being a boss. He has read (or smoked, haha) the Bible, studied in France and lived in Gabon for fourty years, so he can act as a bridge between Westers and Gabones culture. This is important, as you may need help in order to interpret your visions. Furthermore, he has a magic parrot! Just go there and enjoy!

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Visited Sunday, October 1st 2017

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