Not for Everyone
 2 years ago
Unfortunately I attended a Myco retreat before they had any professional therapists on staff. The facilitators were all lovely, compassionate and caring people but there were no licensed therapists on staff and this was badly needed during one of our group sessions. Due to confidentiality no details will be revealed. Suffice it to say that while each group member navigated the situation in their own way, there was a clear need for a professional therapist experienced in working with psychedelics to heal emotional trauma. Without that, it is really just peer to peer. And that's okay, but it's not therapy which was the reason I went. In my case the experience resulted in a re-traumatization that I am still working through back at home. That said, I did receive some helpful insights and witnessed much healing among other members of the group.

Number of people in ceremony: 12


Treasure Beach is a beautiful place. The beach is clean and super safe. The water is green and warm and crystal clear and the people are wonderful. I really enjoyed the beautiful location.



The facilitators were great at facilitating. They helped you in every way they could.



It would have been nice to know that there were no licensed therapists on hand and that most of the Myco team doses along with the group members. Then again when I signed up there was a licensed therapist on hand (she subsequently left over concerns around screening and group member safety). And I never thought to ask if the Myco team members dosed. T



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Visited Saturday, November 10th 2018